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Lot of tropical adventures on Mauritius waiting for you!

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The best adrenalin rush under the open sky

Experience the thrill of a 10,000 feet skydive above Paradise Island.
Appreciate the beauty of Mauritius during a spectacular and visually extraordinary scenic flight.
A tandem jump is probably the most fantastic adventure you could ever imagine.
The flight before the jump offers a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the island’s inland landscape, mountain scenery, and picturesque coastline.
Once the plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet, the doors will swing open and you will be able to enjoy a tandem jump accompanied by an experienced and qualified instructor.

After a freefall of about a minute, during which you will reach a velocity of 200 kilometres per hour, the instructor will open the parachute for you.
For approximately five minutes you will soar through the air and be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline.
The instructor will then bring you to a safe landing.

The flight takes off from the lovely Mon Loisir sugar cane plantation, providing a view of Mauritius’s amazing lagoons and cliffs that extend far into the Indian Ocean.
The entire excursion lasts about one hour, including a brief training lecture prior to boarding the plane, a twenty-five minute flight to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet, and the time of the freefall and the drifting through the air.
You will receive a tandem jump certificate, which will serve as a reminder of your experience in the future.
For a slight additional fee, you can obtain a DVD recording of your jump.


Mauritius is well known also thanks to its deep sea fishing – a sport that has been practised by the local inhabitants for many years.
Thanks to the ideal conditions that exist year-round, you can battle giant blue marlin, black marlin, mako sharks, tuna, and many other interesting fish that are awaiting not only experienced fishermen, but complete novices as well.

Mauritius holds many International Game Fish Association world records, including a mako shark weighing in at 1,115 pounds, a 400-pound blue shark, and a 224-pound albacore.
The famous blue marlin is considered a giant not only on the basis of its size, but also thanks to its legendary fighting skills, which makes it one of the fish most sought by fisherman worldwide.
These true giants are at the very apex of the food chain.
They lurk in the waters surrounding Mauritius and patiently wait until they have the chance to launch themselves at an unwary tuna or bait placed behind a fishing boat.
A battle with one of these monsters may well last more than three hours.
The longest known battle with a Mauritian marlin continued for more than twenty-six hours and ended with a broken fishing rod.
Thanks to the abundance of its marine life, Mauritius is highly valued by sport fishing enthusiasts from the world over.

The warm deep blue water and gorgeous weather of Mauritius’s northern coast offers everything needed for this activity and it is rightly considered to be the best place for fishing.
It offers up a true challenge for anyone who wants to catch any of the fantastic local fish.


Fantastic fishing can be found off the island’s north coast.
This half-day excursion (from 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) is full of adventure and fun on a forty foot fishing boat.
Although the boat can take up to eight people, it is ideal for three fishermen.
In the midst of the idyllic setting that is typical of Mauritius, anglers will experience the complete freedom that fishing offers and will enjoy having the endless blue ocean to themselves.
Every fisherman’s dream of the perfect catch is sure to come true.
The exclusivity of this excursion is guaranteed.


The island of Mauritius is home to world-famous beautiful coral reefs and is renowned for its incredibly diverse variety of marine life.
Take advantage of this opportunity to get an up-close view of a wide variety of brightly coloured fish of various sizes and shapes in their natural environment.
Mauritius is rightly considered to be a natural wonder.
For this reason alone, you should definitely not miss out on this chance to venture below the ocean’s surface and discover the true beauty of the island’s undersea world.

This adventure package consists of the following:

  • Submarine excursion
  • Underwater Scooter Adventure
  • Lunch at the Mont Choicy Hotel
  • Underwater “Sea Walk”


Join us on an awesome underwater scooter ride!

The Scooter Cruiser is a self-propelled diving vehicle, which is primarily used for first dives to a maximum depth of ten metres and provides the maximum level of safety for its riders. A ride on a Scooter Cruiser, which can be described as a cross between a scooter and a miniature submarine, is an awesome and unforgettable experience that you should definitely not miss. For this adventurous undersea excursion, you do not need a mask or snorkel and you do not even need to wear an oxygen tank like the ones used in traditional diving. The Scooter takes care of everything for you. As a result, there is no need for any lengthy diving instruction prior to the excursion. You can start your undersea adventure in only a matter of minutes.


Are you looking to perfect your diving skills and increase your experience? Do you want to enjoy even more thrilling moments and review the rules for safe diving? If so, then this course has been designed with you in mind.
The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Programme will improve your diving skills and will let you experience many more unforgettable diving experiences.

This course, which is the friendliest and most professional in all of Mauritius, is held at the PADI Dive Centre in the town of Grand Baie on the northern Mauritian coast.
The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is conducted in French and in English.
(Arrangements for courses in other languages may be arranged, however, there are a minimum number of course participants required for a particular language.)

Exploration, excitement, and experience – this course offers all three.
You don’t even have to be an “advanced” diver to participate in this course.
It is designed in a way that is also suitable for those who have much less practical diving experience.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course will help you to increase your confidence and will reinforce the diving skills you already have.
As a result, you will be much calmer in the water.
This course follows on from what you have previously learned and introduces the participants to new activities and new ways in which they can enjoy themselves whilst diving.
The entire course is led and supervised by qualified PADI instructors.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to breathe under water? If you want to find out but are not quite prepared to take the plunge, you are welcome to come and try it out with us.
Our certified course provides you with the opportunity to experience diving first hand and find out how you really feel about it.
Diving is a great way to experience new adventures or it can simply be the means that allows you to see the enchanting undersea world first hand.

On Mauritius you can learn to dive in safe and controlled conditions under the direct supervision of PADI’s qualified instructors.
The PADI Dive Centre is located on Mauritius’s west coast next to the town of Tamarin.

PADI guides are available for your comfort and can provide compete instruction in French, English, and German.
(Courses in other languages may be arranged, however, there are a minimum number of course participants required for a particular language.)
During the Scuba Diving Discover course you will first learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water or in a swimming pool.
This will bring you one step closer to quickly entering the amazing undersea world as soon as possible.
There is probably no other experience that is as enthralling and as fantastic as the first time you ever draw a breath under water.
It will take you a while to get used to it, but after only a few minutes, most people realise just how simple scuba diving actually is.

The course also teaches diving techniques and diving basics. You will also have the opportunity to dive in the open ocean. This experience counts towards completing the PADI Open Water Diver certification process.


“An 18-hole course with five sets of tees, located in Domaine Bel Ombre, Bel Ombre – Mauritius South.
The course length is 6,498 metres (7,106 yards) and it is rated at par 72.

The course features a driving range, a putting and chipping green, a golf pro shop, and a bar and restaurant.
Services include golf cart and golf equipment rentals, caddies, changing rooms, and a shuttle to and from the nearby hotel (Heritage Le Telfair).

About the “Golf du Château” Golf Course:

  • The outstanding eighteen-hole “Golf du Château” course, covering an area of 100 hectares, was designed by the renowned South African golf course architect Peter Matkovich.
  • This beautiful eight-hole course is associated with the Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort.
  • The “Golf du Château” course is situated in the very heart of south Mauritius.
  • It is surrounded by a typical Mauritian environment, including a volcanic landscape and lovely views of mountain panoramas and the coastline.
  • The course was designed in a way that makes it a challenge for advanced golfers (five tee positions for each hole and generous fairways), but it also has much to offer to novice players.


A scenic flight in a light plane is one of the most exhilarating ways of obtaining a bird’s eye view of the beauty of Mauritius.
This glorious airborne sightseeing tour provides a unique perspective of the island’s northern highlands, coastal areas, lagoons, and landscape.

It is a fascinating flight over Mauritius, during which you will discover and fully savour the island’s beauty and charm and enjoy numerous stunning panoramas.
The flight leaves from the Rivière du Rempart Airport located in north-east Mauritius.
Prior to take-off, you will meet with the pilot, have an opportunity to inspect the plane, and receive an instructive briefing prior to boarding.
You may also relax in the airport bar and enjoy a drink and some light refreshments before the flight.
The experienced pilot will ensure that you see all of the island’s famous landmarks and other interesting locations.
The entire fight takes place at a low altitude of approximately 1,500 feet so that you have a clear view of everything, including local landmarks and other points of interest, and can take perfect photos (don’t forget to bring your camera!).

This is a private sight-seeing flight and you will sit next to the pilot who will answer any questions you might have and point out all of the landmarks and areas of natural beauty that you long to see.



(A full day of hiking, including a picnic lunch)

Trois Mamelles is a truly amazing mountain range.
Unique and magical in appearance, it looks as if it does not actually exist and is just painted in blazing colours on canvas.
This atypical series of mountains is located on Mauritius’s western side.
Each of the Trois Mamelles peaks is approximately 600 metres above sea level.

You will surely enjoy this unique trek along the mountain crests up to the very top.
Part of the trail leads through a tunnel leading deep within the massif.
On the surface, you will discover pristine forests with majestic ancient trees.
Some parts of the trail need to be scaled.
However, the breathtaking view from the highest point in Yemen Nature Park is definitely worth the effort.
Your reward for the challenging climb will be a fantastic panoramic view of the island from the very top of the mountain.
The excursion ends with a picnic lunch.

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age requirement: Fourteen
Length of the excursion: From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Where else to learn to windsurf than on Mauritius?

This course is ideal for windsurfing newbies and beginners.
You will have the opportunity to learn windsurfing basics and perfect your skills in a friendly international atmosphere with a very professional instructor.

You will find out all you need to know about windsurfing.
You will learn useful new skills and you can be sure that you will discover a deep and lasting passion for windsurfing.
These windsurfing courses have been designed based on many years of experience with this water sport.
Personal contact and the specifically focused advice provided by the instructors will help you to attain the goals you have set for yourself much faster.
You define the tempo of the course and it does not matter what your existing windsurfing experience and skills are.

All of the basic windsurfing courses take place in front of the windsurfing centre in a sheltered shallow lagoon.
With its ideal lateral wind, this is the best place for windsurfing on Mauritius.
The lagoon is surrounded by cliffs located 600 metres from the beach.

ALL-DAY KAYAK EXCURSION TO THE ILE D´AMBRE (including a picnic lunch)

Take advantage of this great opportunity to switch off your mobile and set out in a kayak to explore and admire the beauty of the lagoons, white sand beaches, small islands, and the surrounding shoreline.
Paddle through the mangroves to the Ile d ‘Ambre and savour the charm of the surrounding landscape.
This fascinating site plays an important role in the local ecosystem.
Discover the various nooks and crannies of this island and find out about its history.
The excursion includes a picnic lunch and swimming on Bernache Island.
Prior to slipping on your life jackets and setting out on your enjoyable journey, you will receive a briefing on safety.

The Ile D’Ambre, a small island with very diverse vegetation, is situated in a lagoon.
The abundant flora and the picturesque secluded nooks amongst the shaded waterways will take your breath away.
In addition to finding out about the natural wonders of the island, you will also learn about the past of the Ile D’Ambre and the important role it has played in Mauritian history.

During this all-day excursion, you will enjoy a picnic lunch on the very small Bernache Island, followed by a short walk and a break for relaxation and swimming.
The kayak trip back to shore will take you across crystal clear lagoons.
This is a unique, ecological, and entertaining adventure, which will let you discover the secrets of Mauritius’s beautiful lagoons, and its small islands, rivers, and hidden beaches.


This half-day mountain climbing expedition will take you to the Belle Vue Cliffs, close to the town of Albion on the south-western Mauritius coast.
The beautiful landscape of the Belle Vue Cliffs, where the well-known La Pointe Aux Caves are located, provides an ideal environment for your mountain climbing experience.
The best possible guides and instructors will teach you basic climbing techniques and the rules of safe climbing.

This mountain climbing expedition also includes breathing exercise training, which will enable you to maximise your performance when scaling the mountain faces and crags.
The Belle Vue mountain climbing venue is located only a ten-minute walk away from the famous Albion Lighthouse.
The ascent at this point is the easiest, making this excursion suitable even for beginners.
The expedition is led by the best mountaineer on Mauritius, who has many years experience not only with mountain climbing, but also those gained during various rescue activities in all areas of the island.
You will also be accompanied by professional certified guides during the entire trip.

Doba trvání (polodenní): od 9 hodin dopoledne do 12:30 odpoledne
Požadavky: Průměrná fyzická kondice
Pro klienty starší 12ti let

Length: Half day, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Requirements: Average physical condition. Participants must be at least twelve years of age.

Minimum age requirement: Fourteen
Length of the excursion: From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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